Car steam wash Astra Vortex

Steam generator cleaner Astra Vortex

The car steam wash Astra Vortex is very different from the normal steam cleaner: first of all it has no filters or electrical material to replace. Secondly, since it allows steam cleaning with suction, it gives the perfect cleaning with only one machine.

Its technology makes the Astra Vortex ideal to clean boats, cars, interiors, forniture and basically every kind of surface since it does not wash with detergents or foam. It works only with steam and a special function which sucks up the dirt in a special bin, separated from the electical body of the steam generator.

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It is the revolutionary application designed by Idromatic to wash by steam and vacuum the dust. Able to clean deeply with minimum water and power consumption. Addition of chemicals is unnecessary, electric power can be applied by a small battery or a generator of less than 1KW.

The new VORTEX system is based on the Venturi effect, the priciple formulated by the Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi who discovered the suction power of the fluids on a restricted tube. The principle by Venturi has been applied to the steam generator using the centrifugal speed of the steam inside a tunnel.

The result is the ASTRA VORTEX, the only machine that provides a vacuum system created by steam flow effect instead of electricity. All the condensed dust is separated from steam by gravity in the recovery tank. The innovation has been patented by Idromatic srl.

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Idromatic is succesful in the professional cleaning market for the durability and reliability of its products. Since 1975 we have been designing tools to use every day in every conditions and easily repairable. Our goal is to give solutions to the customers and make the cleaning an efficient and profitable activity. ASTRA VORTEX is the result of our long term experience and it is the answer to multiple demands in waterless cleaning.

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